Monday, August 25, 2008

Official Gmail Blog: See what Obama, McCain and leading political pundits are reading

Official Gmail Blog: See what Obama, McCain and leading political pundits are reading

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Forex Trading Advisors - Mechanical

Here are some trusted Forex Trading Advisors - Mechanical

Forex ace
Forex Raptor
Forex Killer

Forex Automated Trading Softwares (ATS) – Robots

There are trusted Forex Automated Trading Softwares (ATS) – Robots.
Some of which are:

Forex AutoPilot
Forex BackLash
Forex Tracer
Forex Funnel

Friday, August 1, 2008


While it is quite true that the forex market is a high risk one given its volatility and unpredictable nature, the fact is that it is also full of great potentials. These potentials have made many to spend a great deal of money and time trying to demystify the market. Some have been successful while others are not. Those who are a little scary or with low risk appetites have abandoned the market all together. Many dare not even start at all.
However, though unknown to many, they could have easily achieved their financial dream through the market. How could they?

Forex Managed Account
Like said above, there are those who have demystified the market successfully. Some of these forex professionals are willing to trade others account for them for a return. These returns could be a fixed fee charged for a period of time (a month or so), a percentage of gains in excess of the capital, or a mixture of both. Another good thing about forex managed account is that some will not only guarantee the initial capital (so that you have nothing to lose of your investment) but certain percentage of returns as well. You can even demand for guarantee of re-invested profit to certain degree. All depend on your bargaining power, skill, experience and knowledge. Forex managed account is becoming more and more popular and Wealthcreationseeds has it as one of the leading means of wealth’s growth.
One thing you should know is that this account is your own personal account under your control as per withdrawal of funds so you need not entertain fear of being defrauded. Again you can have more than one of these accounts with many different professionals. Imagine how much will be accruing into your bank account on monthly basis with you doing virtually nothing. No risk, no stress or associated tension of trading forex. You just smile to the bank. You are fully leveraged as others bear the risk.

Automated Trading Software (ATS) – Robot
This is another wonderful opportunity offer by forex market. There are many of these softwares. Forexmoneysecrets has list of some of these robots. They actually trade the market for you without any human intervention than you setting it up. So whether you are sleeping or doing some other work, money is being generated for you to cash. They require little knowledge to set up and such guides are usually fully provided in the manuals. For a given small amount of money, you purchase these softwares (as they are very cheap compare to the huge amount they generate), get a computer system connected to the internet, open an account of some amount of money with a broker, set up the ATS as instructed through the manuals and you are done. One thing again, you can use more than one of these robots and also have many accounts. Beautiful enough, some brokers even allow the software to sit on their servers. What this mean is that you do not have to put on your computer through out all the trading period you want to use the software. Once set up, you can shut down your system anytime you wish. What remains is for you to start cashing money.

Trading Advisors
These are softwares that help to analyse the market. You can get list of some of them at Forexmoneysecrets. They are far better than indicators as they are artificial intelligence and expert systems, not just statistical charts. With these you can trade the market with high level of confidence. Many tend to ignore these softwares on the ground that they could analyse the market themselves. The rationale behind this is quite questionable as many of these market analyses are carried out based on various charts and indicators that are basically statistical and historical. It is common knowledge that expert systems are far ahead of statistical ones and more over the best of automated trading systems – robots are developed based on these trading advisors. The use of trading advisors is quite good considering the fact that human brain can hardly comprehend all known scenarios together and that at the same time for effective trading decision. This, a software can easily do as along as it is in its configuration. So the use of trading advisors is quite helpful as additional aid in trading. Many novices have used them to make fortunes from the forex market.

Loan for Forex Trading
Many forex traders usually take loan at a very high rate. The high rate is in commensurate with the risk involved in the trade. As the forex market requires huge amount of money, individual trader at times face finance challenges. Since it is not a normal thing for banks to lend to individual forex trader, those of them who need fund have to look elsewhere. This makes them to be ready to pay high interest rate. Those who have money to lend out can benefit greatly from this. Just find out some good professional traders who need fund for trading and enter into a loan contract with them. This is a good source of passive and residual income.

It is time for anyone willing to grow wealth avail himself of these opportunities


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